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Design & Construction Updates


Thank you for visiting our Design and Construction page. Follow this page for ongoing updates as the referendum projects move forward. 

Planning & Design Update

November 2022

Over the past month, Wild Rose Administration, Bray Architects, and Miron Construction have attended multiple engineering meetings, made final design decisions, and discussed how the phasing of the projects would occur over the next two years. With the overall designs of both buildings complete, the architectural and engineering team will work over the coming weeks to complete the final details for the projects that will go into the construction documents. Meanwhile, Miron Construction is preparing documents to assist in putting the projects out to bid.


  • Coordination of final details in preparation for sending the drawings out to bid.

  • Finalize specifications and bid documents.

High-Level Project Timeline

  • November 17, 2022: Drawings sent out for Bid

  • December 7, 2022: Prebid Walk for Contractors interested in the project

  • Mid-December 2022: Bids Received on the Project

  • April 2023: Construction Starting

  • August 2024: Construction Complete

October 2022

On both buildings in the school district, large-scale design conversations are coming to a close as we focus on the operational and functional needs to make the designs work.

At the Middle/High School, the new front entrance canopy has been approved (see image below), the interior finishes have been selected, and conversations are ongoing on the selection of items such as door and glass types.

At the Elementary School, coordination on how the addition ties into the site and the existing infrastructure is ongoing as we understand how the addition is best to function. Like the Middle/High School, interior finishes have been selected at the Elementary School, and selection discussions, such as door types, roof types, etc., are ongoing.


  • Detailed conversations about power, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and other infrastructure items.

  • Engineering meetings with the Administration

  • Finalizing shop equipment layouts in the Tech Ed Department

High-Level Project Timeline

  • October 2, 2022: 75% Progress Plans

  • November 17, 2022: Drawings sent out for Bid

  • December 2022: Prebid Walk for Contractors interested in the project

  • January 2023: Project bids due

September 2022

Over the past month, both designs of the improvements at the Middle / High School and the Elementary School have taken significant strides forward.

At the Elementary School, detailed discussions about power, data, and audio/video have taken place as the room layouts are being finalized.

At the Middle/High School, edits and adjustments continue in some of the specific curriculum spaces, such as Art, Tech Ed, and Family and Consumer Science. Meanwhile, the rest of the building layouts are locked in.

Check out preliminary renderings of the Elementary School addition and interior spaces within the Middle / High School.

July 2022

Over the past few months, SD of Wild Rose, along with Bray Architects and Miron Construction, has been active in the design process of the Middle/High School and the Elementary School.

In May, the design highlight was being able to go on tours of other Middle & High School facilities at Hartford Union HS, Mayville HS, and Kewaskum MS/HS. These three schools were chosen specifically as they all had projects in the past 5-7 years that emphasized the areas that Wild Rose is also emphasizing. SD of Wild Rose Administrator Craig Hayes, both building principals and staff critical to specific program areas, all attended the tours.

In June, many of the existing site studies were completed. That means getting a topographical survey, geotechnical borings, and additional studies into existing infrastructure have all taken place alongside design meetings.

In July, the focus was on the design details of the new secure entry sequences, remodeled art, family and consumer science, and technology education spaces. The Elementary School addition layout has been finalized, and Bray Architects is working through the engineering on that building.

What's Next?:

  • Finalize interior finish selections

  • Detailed conversations about power, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and other infrastructure items

  • Engineering meetings with district administration

  • Looking at exterior design features for the Elementary School Addition and Canopies at the Middle / High School

  • Continued Development in the Middle / High School in specific areas such as Art, Tech Ed, and Family and Consumer Science

  • Interior design updates

  • Project Progress Reports

  • FAQ’s