Public Notice of Student Academic Standards

Wisconsin State Statute 118 requires all local school boards to provide the parents and guardians of all enrolled students notice of the academic standards in Mathematics, Science, Reading & Writing(Literacy), Geography, and History that have been adopted by the School Board and that will be in effect during each school year. Academic standards serve as rigorous goals for teaching and learning. The School District of Wild Rose is committed to ensuring academic excellence in every classroom and every school so that all of our students perform at high levels and achieve academic excellence.

This notice is to provide a reference to the standards that the School District of Wild Rose has adopted for the 2022-2023 school year. The School District of Wild Rose pursuant to sections 118.30 (1g)(a) and 120.12 (13)(b) of the state statutes will use the following academic standards for the 2021-2022 school year:

(Click on the links listed to take you to the standards as posted online by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

Mathematics: Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

English Language Arts: (includes Reading and Writing) Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

Science: Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

Social Studies: (includes Geography and History) Wisconsin Model Academic Standards