Transportation Director Job Description

Reports To: District Administrator

Supervises: All Bus Drivers


  1. High School Education or Equivalent (Minimum)

  2. Bus Driver License

  3. Excellent Organizational Skills

  4. Excellent Communication Skills

  5. Supervisory Skills

Job Goal: To design and operate the transportation department to provide safe and efficient transportation as needed to meet the transportation needs of the students within our School District.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. To recruit, train, and supervise all bus drivers employed by the school district.

  2. Secure and assign substitute bus drivers as needed.

  3. To develop the daily schedules and administer the transportation program to meet the requirements of the daily instructional programs and co-curricular activities.

  4. To cooperate with the building principals and others responsible for the planning and scheduling of special school trips.

  5. Establish the bus routes for all public and non-public school students in the school district.

  6. Responsible for the preparation and updating of the bus schedules for all public and non-public school students in the school district.

  7. Act as a liaison with parents to resolve complaints and consider special or specific transportation requests.

  8. Attend appropriate staff meetings as needed.

  9. Consult with the District Administrator regarding the decision to cancel school due to inclement weather.

  10. Other duties as required and assigned.